Monday, 15 July 2019

It's finally time to announce the winner of the Short Story Competition 2019. This year the winner picks up a brand new pair of Cashmere Writing Gloves courtesy of! We also had a more accomplished and diverse panel of judges than ever before, including a previous winner.

Drawing up the shortlist proved extremely tricky this year as our entrants took the theme in ever more interesting places. Having created such a diverse shortlist, effectively comparing them was an additional challenge. From heavily descriptive prose, via snappy dialogue right through to an epistolary, we had a real clash of styles to choose between. In the end we settled for the story that simply brought a smile to our face after every read.

So without further ado let me introduce you winner of the the Short Story Competition 2019.

Our winning story takes this years theme of 'Message(s)' in both a literal and figurative direction, highlighting how messages are as much about the receiver's interpretation as the sender's intent. With a wonderful sense of time and place, both geographically and in terms of an individual's own life journey, this story gave us an amusing sideways glance at messages as an essential interaction between individuals and a metaphor for hope and expectation.

With snappy irreverent dialogue punctuating the dreamlike first person narrative this story cleverly reflects the hunt for meaning, for a brighter future, for anything to punctuate the mundanity of the everyday. The fact that our narrator's dreams are eventually shattered as quickly as they are built up only serves to make this a more enjoyable read and a more accurate portrayal of the human condition.

The winner of the Short Story Competition 2019 is Mixed Messages by Susan Dawson.

If you can't wait to read it you can scroll down to the bottom of the page now for a link!

I'm sure the other shortlisted authors will join me in congratulating Susan on her winning entry. 

Once again thanks to everyone who entered and look out for the 2020 competition early next year!


Click here to read Susan's winning entry 'Mixed Messages'.


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