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***** - "a beautiful truth" - Z. Rowe
***** - "had me gripped from the start" - J. Brakstad

After the passing of her mother, Becky is struggling to cope with the changes in her life. Forced to live with her estranged father, she struggles to find comfort in her new surroundings. Having lost her best friend, confidant and mentor, she pleads with family friend Mike to save her, more in hope than expectation.

When Mike arrives on her doorstep and agrees to take her away for a few days, Becky can't believe her luck. But a chance encounter at Mike's house will alter the balance of their relationship forever. Will the weekend trip they take together turn a teenage crush into a wondrous dream, or will she sleepwalk into her very own nightmare?

A gritty, real-life romance set against the backdrop of 21st century Western pop-culture, with its padded bras for pre-teens, endless billboards of models creating unattainable body image ideals and salacious magazine articles force feeding tips on everything from looking beautiful to pleasing your partner.


Salvation - A Short Story.
Shortlisted for the High Sheriff's Cheshire Prize for Literature 2015.

Sitting on a park bench, the sun streaking cold on this early winter's morn as I gather the hem of my jet black mac around my knees to keep warm. I dip a fingerless gloved hand into one of the deep pockets that contain my life's possessions, a fistful of coppers, a boiled sweet, two church pamphlets and a tattered cheap day return ticket to Preston, dated November 29.

The piercing screams and laughter of children in the nearby playground wash over me. A lone father stands under the monkey bars, catching angels as they fall. Mothers huddle together and chat whilst keeping one eye on their offspring, occasionally smiling and nodding approval to the chorus of "look at me mummy". "Don't go too far" they each shout in turn, eyeing me on the bench, as though I might steal the candy from a laughing baby's mouth, or worse...

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