Thursday, 21 January 2016

I'm running a short story competition for UK residents via, just as a test for a more serious and structured competition to follow later in the year.  I'm giving out a few prizes from my own pocket so any help in spreading the word would be much appreciated.  I'd rather have too many entries than not enough, but only by running such a contest will I know how much work it entails, how long it takes to read all the entries and put together a panel to discuss the winners etc.

So if you enjoy writing short stories, please do get involved and tell your friends.

Because we've just begun a New Year, the theme for your stories should be 'New Beginnings'. You can interpret the theme however you wish and it can be central to the plot, or it can merely reflect the introduction or conclusion of the story.

Click here to find out more and details of how to enter.


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